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Visual Art Open 2021 Overall Winner 
Congratulations to Forgotten Heritage

Indoor Rainbow.jpg

Artwork: Indoor Rainbow

Medium: Fine Art Paper Print

Dimensions: 76x61cm

Description: A rainbow of colour inside a currently vacant jail. Created at night, the small bulbs in alarm systems and panels along the length of the prison wing have turned into pools of light across a two minute exposure.

Visual Art Open 2021 Sculpture Winner 
Congratulations to Jill Desborough

Pyrric Dance.jpg

Artwork: Pyrric Dance

Medium: Mixed media

Dimensions: Each figure is 13 inches in width, 10" deep 14" in height

Description: Inspired by the Pyrric Dance of the classical world. It was training for martial skills that took the form of a ritualised dance.. Battle transformed into choreography.  

Figures modeled in wax, cast in resin, painted and mounted on wood bases that can be interchangeably arranged.

Visual Art Open 2021 Drawing Winner 
Congratulations to Samantha Messias

James Aspey “Vegan Activistâ€_ (1).jpeg

Artwork: James Aspey Vegan Activist

Medium: Pencil and charcoal on paper

Dimensions: 17 x 14 INs

Description: I was inspired to draw James Aspey in such clarity and detail using pencil and charcoal for his commendable actions to help change the lives of billions of beings most Include animals. Not only is this drawing a reflection of such a compassionate human being it also evokes questions and ideas that may just create a paradigm shift and no doubt create a greener more sustainable future for all.

Visual Art Open 2021 Young Artist Winner 

Congratulations to Ashton Blyth


A3 TUBE MAP - revised for frame.pdf.jpg

Artwork: The Progressive Tube Map

Medium: Digital based - Adobe Illustrator

Dimensions: Varies - minimum A3 (42 x 29.7cm)

Description: Gender and sexuality are not fixed constructs - this map is a representation of that. Follow the tube map from birth and learn the new and ever-changing terminology breaking the binary of gender and sexuality as you once knew it. This artwork was created using Adobe Illustrator.

Visual Art Open 2021 Painting/Mixed Media Winner!
Congratulations to Emma Foster

The Beginning (3).png

Artwork: The Beginning

Medium: Oil on linen with captain white gold and silver leaf

Dimensions: 16" x 26" x 2"

Description: "The Beginning" was painted at the beginning of the pandemic, with all the worries, the fears and the isolation that we all had to endure, in unprecedented times. We were introduced to a time when, due to human life being restricted so very severely, that nature seemed to take back some of what had been stolen. I hoped to portray, in this artwork a sense of decay and loss, yet install a feeling of hope and rebirth. It was painted over a course of three months, whilst homeschooling my children (one of whom is the model of this piece) with many thin layers of oil paint, and with gilding completed at several stages throughout the piece.

Visual Art Open 2021People's Choice Winner!
Congratulations to Terri Broughton


Artwork: Intermission

Medium: Oil on canvas

Dimensions: 153 cms and Width 122 cms

Description: An intermission provides the chance to pause and reflect. To see a new way forward or to choose to continue on the same path. In any situation, we have a choice.

Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way.

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