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Natasha's appetite had deteriorated, it was clear how she was considering whether to cry more or not. Realizing on her own that this would already be a clear bust, she chose to just squint - You yourself say, Tanya, that he would have killed, so it’s not a pity ... For him, the court will justify.

Igor neighed again:

- The court will solder you a gold piece for complicity and a fiver for murder.

you, my friend, will go to scribble mittens and sew on buttons on pants.

Natasha was scared:

Is this true, Tanya?

- How much more true! - Igorek leaned his chest on the table in her direction. Natasha cringed. - Come on, talk about grandmas!

- I do not know! she screeched. - I know nothing.

“And if you don’t get sued, Alekseev’s friends won’t leave you alone,” I continued calmly.

"They'll let you in under the tram, Karenina!" - Igorek felt for the topic and began carnivorously developing it. - This is when you are fucked without a break by ten or twenty boys, but in all the cracks. Better for the zone!


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