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Visual Art Open 2022 Overall Winner 
Congratulations to Vasil Margaritov


Artwork: Rhythm

Medium: Steel

Dimensions: 60x39x28cm

Description: Rhythm was created by composing individual geometric volumes to achieve a justified three-dimensionality that carries a certain sonority and rhythm. From different perspectives, different cadence nuances can be distinguished, in the context of the whole. The work is made of a 4 mm thick steel sheet, hand-molded and welded.


Visual Art Open 2022 Photography/Digital Art Winner 
Congratulations to Barbara Nati

Briny chronicles.jpg

Artwork: Briny chronicles

Medium: digital collage

Dimensions: 70x100

Description: The increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has led to an increase of carbon dioxide in the waters of the oceans. As a result, entire coral reefs have died and others have suffered a developmental setback; the variety of shapes and colours of these natural structures has been replaced by white, translucent, ghostly outlines. The same outcome seems to have occurred to human structures in Barbara Nati’s digital elaborations: buildings transmuted into evanescent constructions.

Visual Art Open 2022 Drawing Winner 
Congratulations to Sharon Lawless

The Meeting Tree.jpg

Artwork: The Meeting Tree

Medium: Gel Pens 0.4 on white card

Dimensions: 84w x 60h

Description: This a 200-year-old Sweet Chestnut tree that is on the grounds of Slane Castle Co Meath. There have been many concerts here over the last 40 years. If concert goers got lost or wanted to meet up this was the meeting point. It is in some areas dying yet it keeps going. I had been to many concerts here myself over the years. I wanted to use the Pointillism technique on a larger scale as I had created work on a smaller scale that worked well. It is a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of colour are applied in patterns to form an image. Georges Seurat and Paul Signac developed the technique in 1886, branching from Impressionism. I think it is my early days of Graphic design and love of impressionism that is portrayed in my application. I also love nature and architecture.

Visual Art Open 2022 Young Artist Winner 

Congratulations to Grace Hamilton



Artwork: Perception

Medium: Oil paint on canvas

Dimensions: 88.9 X 139.7 CM

Description: Re-thinking the notion of representation, I explore the theme of identity and belonging through the union of abstract and figurative form. I use the method of painting to document my journey of exploring and representing this concept.

Visual Art Open 2021 Painting/Mixed Media Winner!
Congratulations to Emma Moxey

In the Wind. Emma Moxey.jpg

Artwork: In the Wind

Medium: Ink, acrylic, gouache and chalk paint on paper.

Dimensions: 93x93cm framed

Description: This is a fantastical map. It is inspired by a wild place: a heather-covered, wind-swept moorland. Here the wind sings and the sky is wide, and there is an ecology of memory, experience, history and mythology. This is woven into my work using pattern motifs and symbols.

Visual Art Open 2021People's Choice Winner!
Congratulations to Leggy Bird Designs

As the Deer.jpeg

Artwork: As the Deer

Medium: Paper

Dimensions: 95 cm wide 65cm height 35cm deep

Description: Each individual circle is hand rolled paper attached to a stags head form

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