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Entry: 201 Kim Pragnell Artwork: The demise of dungeness

Entry: 410 Marie Lenclos Artwork: Pink Morning

Entry:867 Simon Wright Artwork: Clifton Crossing

Entry: 922 Tammy Walters Artwork: Indian Prince

Entry: 1035 Skye Holland Artwork: Lioness II

Entry: 605 Lee Eveson Artwork: Sea scape No 5

Entry: 553 David Woolstencroft Artwork: Mist over Pendle Hill

Entry: 722 Daniel Ibbotson Artwork: Sleep Patterns

Entry: 363 Lesley Anne Derks Artwork: Tiny Yellow Taxis, New York

Entry: 675 Iain Holman Artwork: Indignant II


194 Anne Veck Artwork: Toxic Fashion

Entry: 1183 Tat Supreme Artwork: Noli

Entry: 968 Yasna Khan Artwork 1: Susana is still vulnerable

Entry 696 Claire Burnett Artwork: Listen to the Water, Don't Interrupt the Tide

Entry 624 Anatoliy Anshin Artwork: Compassion

Entry 462 Mellony Taper Artwork: Hey Doll, You're Bound to Fall

Entry: 768 Diana Jane Artwork: Beyond the Passage 1


Entry 1195 Nic Acaster Artwork: Rye Oystercatcher

Entry 368 Angela C. Smith Artwork 3: Thames Tribute

Entry 341 Kira Fröse Artwork: naakt fluweel

Entry 317 Charmaine Maw Artwork: Cloud Burst

Entry 158 Kira Phoenix K'inan Artwork 1: Constructure in Red

Entry 249 Jane King Artwork: Untitled, Fold series, pink and green


Entry 518 Simon Biggs Artwork: The Gunmakers’ Loft

Entry: 600 Janina Cebertowicz Artwork: A Painter's Sandals No.6

Entry: 735 Carl Gaffney Artwork: plastic with plastics

Entry: 961 Leina Artwork : Spring alone

Entry: 753 Eleanor Mill Artwork: In time. Abbaye de Villers-la-Ville

Entry: 177 Samantha Messias Artwork: Sorry My Child


Entry: 1079 Victoria Andrusyschyn Artwork: The Ukrainian Dancer

Entry: 386 Rebecca Potter Artwork: Frankel

Entry: 386 Rebecca Potter Artwork: Liverpool Skyline

Entry: 1292 Amrita Krishnan Artwork: Bird in Paradise Ibis

Entry: 510 Sharon Adebisi Artwork: Mine or Yours (2020)

Entry: 906 Andrew D Clark Artwork: Dao

Entry: 881 Yom Bo Sung Artwork: 5 Year Plan

Entry: 960 Linda Virbale Artwork: Feminine and Masculine


Entry: 1245 Jonathan Harvey-Thomas and Holly Parr Artwork: Foxes in Bloom

Entry: 1044 Liz Murray Artwork: Fighting For Life

Entry: 1031 Gala Artwork: The autumn leaves

Entry: 1031 Gala Artwork: Purple twilight

Entry: 1031 Gala Artwork: Waterlilies

Entry: 1031 Gala Artwork: Winter song

Entry 985 J.V. Marzo Artwork: Our Saviours

Entry 1256 Bethany Walker Artwork: Connection

Children’s Award (15 years and under)

Entry 576: Daisy German Artwork: "Oliver" in summer meadow

Entry: 1229 Arabella Stell Artwork: An Elephant came out of my head and sat on a Sofa

Entry: 429 Anqing Deng Artwork: Chillies

Entry: 159 Matika Halleday Artwork: Enid - My centenarian

Entry 209 Vanessa Ayotte Artwork: Hugh

Katya Granova Artwork: French coastline

Toby Michael Artwork: Scrolling

Toby Michael Artwork: They Think I’m Sweet + Gentle

Toby Michael Artwork: The Three Brexiteers

Distant Light

Julie Lawrence Artwork: Distant Light

Julie Lawrence Artwork: Cloud Burst

Barry Davies Artwork: Anatomical Study Of The Horse

Barry Davies Artwork: Paranthropus Robustus

Jacob Gourley Artwork: 86 – St Johns to Smithdown Rd

Jacob Gourley Artwork: New Reality

Jacob Gourley Artwork : Northern Line – Liverpool Central to Sandhills’

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