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Mahatma Gandhi Dream of a new macaroni.

Tom Aberneithie Artist ID: 2111 Hard ground copper plate etching, drypoint and aquatint, 300g Hahnemuhle natural paper 38 x 48cm £525 @tom_aberneithie First of a my Decolonial Deformation print series where a historical rebel against the British Empire is presented anachronistically in absurd situations. Here Gandhi dreams of an even bigger 18th century macaroni wig including more resplendent colonial ship. Images of poverty and destruction surround while a Botticelli angel takes note.


Nina Pancheva Artist ID: 2280 Oil on canvas 83 x 118 cm £1450 The tension between this figurative depiction of a very familiar object in our everyday life - bread, and the list of ingredients, which vaguely resembles that of bread. In this sense, tension arises between the words and the meanings they convey to us. I. e. when the bread stops being bread?


steve carrick Artist ID: 3687 Oil on canvas 120 x 100 cm £2000 My paintings are constructed from a mass of random marks and are not necessarily paintings of faces or heads but rather propositions or opportunities for a face or head to come into being.


Chino Ridge Artist ID: 3298 Vintage silk kimono swatches, Indian cotton, vintage French trimming and cotton threads. 130 x 113 cm £7000 The sandwich serves as a perfect vehicle for pondering the differences and connections between East and West. The work is hand stitched and appliquéd with three-generation old silk kimono swatches, which I inherited from my mother, who also inherited them from her father.

Shelter from the storm

Ben Summers Artist ID: 2490 Oil, oil pastel, chalk pastel on canvas 122 x 152 cm £5525 "Shelter from the storm", is a reflection on growth, from isolation. The deconstructed figures, based on biological heat maps, move in procession through a landscape - which forms as they move through the space. My process uses a combination of alla prima (wet-on-wet) techniques and quick drying glazes, that hold the paint in thin layers. I use a mixture of tools whatever happens to hanging around the space.



Cindy Konits Artist ID: 4534


Desireé Moore Artist ID: 4537

On the Road to Catania

Gina Cross Artist ID: 4633 Fine art print on hahnemühle photorag paper 300gsm 50 x 70 cm £595 A digital composition using photographs of copper plate, with a colour palette inspired by travels in Sicily. Although tested on to metal and metallic papers, this print works best on soft etching paper.

Politically incorrect

Javier Bueno Artist ID: 2335

A parallel universe

Artem Spivak Artist ID: 2146


Totem 1

Annie Trevorah Artist ID: 3545 Jesmonite, paint, granite boulder 47 x 135 cm £4600 One of a series of 4, Totem 1 celebrates human - plant interconnectivity and questions assumptions about human superiority over the environment, asking us to reconsider the human subject as just one of many participants within a lively ecology of meaning and value - each with its own agentive desires and possibilities. Sculpted in clay.

Dopamine symphony

Claire Jackson Artist ID: 2398 Polycaprolactone plastic 39.5 x 21 x 23 cm £500 This piece features biomorphic simplifications of Neurons and working components inside our heads.

Silver Orb

Sam Jacobs Artist ID: 4406 Silver String 54 x 50 x 50 cm £1000 The Orb is the first in a series of planned works where the artist was keen to develop intricate, tactile structures to show how they can support themselves, even given the delicate and flexible nature of the material. This three dimensional sculpture has been created using macrame and knot works techniques.


Aaron Santos Boyd-Rochman Artist ID: 4562 Toothpicks, canvas board 46 x 38 x 9 cm £6500 For this piece I use machine-made objects derived from natural materials. With them I recreated an organic form that perhaps was once alive but has since desiccated and now appears fossilized. The impetus for this piece pulls from the One Health philosophy I studied during my masters coursework.

Wire form

Warren Dennis Artist ID: 3147 Wire 3mm thick 30 x 23 x 13 cm £900 @ warren_dennis269 Study/moquette of a wire form. I think it has merit in its current size but would really come to life if enlarge to a size you could walk through. For me they are free flowing forms produces as a result of the type of material.



Jaehee Yoo Artist ID: 1637

Highgate Angel

Adrian Taylor Artist ID: 4266 Handmade charcoal on BFK Rives paper 56 x 76 cm £800 @adrian_neil_taylor Charcoal made from trees growing amongst graves in Highgate Cemetery (cut due to Ash dieback).

Fault Line 7 (1)

Laura Waldusky Artist ID: 4425 Colour pencil on paper. Perspex box frame. 47 x 33 x 4 in £6500 After the completion of the drawing process, wet folding techniques are applied to give dimension. This is to give the newly sculpted drawing anthropomorphic qualities like it can take flight or interact. This changes the energy from methodical and deliberate to spontaneous and destructive.

The reality of nature

Sheena Randerwala Artist ID: 4550 Charcoal and graphite drawing on archival paper 35 x 55 in £4500 Smokey charcoal strokes create a sense of both motion and stillness, capturing a fleeting moment in the midst of transformation.

She is my guardian

Loukia Soteriou Artist ID: 3720



Isabel Couceiro Artist ID: 4454 oil on canvas 40 x 56 in £15000 This artwork deals with the realization that everyone's lives are as complicated as my own. As I sat on the Chicago Metra, the sun became a spotlight on the face of the woman sitting closest to me, and I was struck with a moment of sonder. She seemed like the main character in a movie, unaware that all attention was on her. I created this piece to explore this experience.

I'm More Than

James Schaffer Artist ID: 4170 Watercolor and Colored Pencil 34x44 £1210 This piece focuses on the tension between internal feelings and external reality through depiction of my own body which allows the viewer a glimpse into the discomfort and pain involved in being transgender. This also serves to confront the viewer with an identity that is often disparaged and dismissed.

red handed

Lily Hodgkinson Artist ID: 1106

A Portrait with a ginger cat

Kate Samankova Artist ID: 2428 Oil on canvas 55 x 70 cm £250 @sama_kate_art This is my cousin and his cat. On this piece my cousin and his cat are coming back to home from shelter. I took a photo for this piece when it was the first week of the war in Ukraine.


Sonya Bleiph Artist ID: 2170 Oil, sand and construction foam on canvas 60 x75 cm Thursday night in Tbilisi, encapsulating the texture and feel of the hot and sweet Georgian air in the room where an international diaspora mixes with the queer locals. £700 (all of the profit made from the sale will go to Humanitarian Aid for Ukrainian refugees)

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